17. DX Version History

Issues & Limitations

17.1. 2020.47.3055

  • Ribbon update - High DPI scaling now better supported / “Fusion” theme now preferred DX style
  • Zmod Triple auto-page button added
  • 101665 + 102432 – O’scope Plot added
  • 102151 – Parameter display added
  • 102113 + 102429 + 102398 – Quality of life changes to plotting and apply all
  • 102431 – Updated gird response detection to take speed parameter
  • 101693 + 102235 – ‘C01_reference_delay’ considered when processing DATX files.
  • 102358 + 101696 + 102374 – Block Offset with filter data fixed
  • 102404 – All plots on a current page can now be copied / pasted into another document as an image with the “copy page” button in the ribbon.
  • 102366 + 101459 – Additional file naming strings added to exporters
  • 102408 – Custom unit conversion now have a higher acceptability
  • 102449 – Plot moving area is now more obvious and easier to grab
  • 102185 – Signals from different processing chains can now be overlaid on the same playable plot
  • 101583 – Plot marker font size can now be changed
  • 101347 – Ability to set any axis setting as default for all plots
  • 102359 – DX samplerate issue fixed
  • 101651 – Damping fit now only takes current plot boundaries into consideration on creation
  • Damping fit annotation can now be copied to clipboard
  • 102396 – Tracking plots from different files now overlay correctly
  • MOD: 102468
  • MOD: Independent Selection vs. Group selection and drag to plot
  • 102446 – Extended Envelope output now allows users to specify what speed parameters to export
  • 102448 + 102301 – Exporters now include DS legacy 2.8.X options
  • 102447 – DX now reads in CSV files with more flexibility
  • 102310 – Adv. DSP - Threshold Now Applied correctly
  • 102414 – Export response detection now only includes peaks specified in Adv. DSP
  • 102309 – Collections now collecting peaks correctly as specified in min + max ranges throughout the design path
  • 102460 – Mode ID with Speed Dependent ScopeLimits File now functioning correctly
    • MOD: Speed Dependent Mode Lines on Campbell Auto Selected Param from Limits
  • 102441 – Strip Charts now scale correctly
  • 102415 – Sony files now process and are read correctly
  • 102435 + 102354 – DX now correctly reads CDF files
  • 102445 – Modifying a legend label in Plot Options now changes the correct legend entry for the selected trace
  • 102403 – EO Displayed on Speed Campbell no longer Rounds to Nearest Integer
  • 102378 – Multiple time plots may now be dragged and overlayed at once
  • 101779 – More significant digits added to EO cursor display on Campbell plots
  • 101820 – Orbit plots can no longer be created with parameters
  • 101604 – Mode lines now match signal colors on overlay plots
  • 102188 – History plot manual scaling issue resolved
  • 101827 – IRIG now displays correct year when read into DX
  • 102092 – “Smooth Factor” is now considered an advanced option
  • 102008 - Increased Max BCX Extracted Peaks
  • 102007 – Max peaks increased in Adv. DSP to 16384
  • 101977 – Min/Max frequency added to tracking plots
  • 102469 – Extended envelope now matches tabulated results
  • 102391 – DB Display now allows more digits
  • RWX files with Chinese characters in channel names now replay correctly
  • Reloading tracking plots no longer loses axis settings
  • UFF58 and UFF58b now separate export options
  • Parameters can now be merged to different directories
  • Time Waterfall Point selection fixed

17.2. 2020.26

  • Fixed issue with block offset when using digital filters (101696, 102358, 102374, 102421)
  • Fixed CDF import failure (102354)
  • Fixed waterfall point selection issue
  • Removed Log scaling on Waterfall plots due to performance issues
  • General plot settings bug fixes
  • Improved manual / auto scaling feature when new traces are added to an existing plot

17.3. 2020.17

  • “Apply All” and “Apply Page” plot overhaul implemented to make plot edits more in line with APEX DS (#101719, #101851, #101861, #101871, #101884)
  • Improvements to the “Print” function including improvements to Zmod printing and page sizing (#102392, #102392, #102394, #102395)
  • “Duplicate Page” feature now works with parameter data (#102377)
  • Parameter Merge bug fixes relating to time zones (#102287)
  • File format reading improvements (#102269, #102415)
  • Various minor bug fixes

17.4. DX 2020.8.1884

  • Added training license file to package with training data files to package directory “training” (DX#770)
  • Fixed issue where Time Campbell in ABS time mode would not show marker (102346)
  • Fixed issue where Time plot could show incorrect trace information with multiple viewers (DX#773)
  • Several internal OT fixes (DX#771)
  • Fixed OT lead lag phase issue (DX#771)
  • Fixed issue where designer mode buttons were both active (102348)
  • Fixed playable plots to seek to block indicated (102297)
  • Fix to print value for zero bin parameter values for exteneded envelope csv (102266)

17.5. DX 2019.52.1687

  • Added Tach processing element, provides converting signal to speed parameter (102018)
  • Removed quick plots and replaced with quick pages (102304)
  • Improved Order Track phase accuracy (102265)

17.6. DX 2019.47.1589

  • Improved digital filters. Frequency cutoffs and filter types directly specified, no need for predefined filter files. (101976)
  • Added HDF5 file driver (102329)
  • Updated and improved RM package, COT DOT now in single element OT - order track (102265, 101921, 101915, 101970, 101972, 101971, 102023)
  • Fixed crash when using circle symbol type on linked campbell plots to response table (102057)
  • Added additional statistic for long term averaging for use from DS recorded data files (102315)

17.7. DX 2019.46.1560

  • Fixed RM tokens being acquired when using AM plots (102328)
  • Fixed speed decoder to properly handle non-(integer/adc count) data types (102332)

17.8. DX 2019.43.1459

  • Added parameter math using formulas (102284)
  • Added ability to borrow tokens (requires license with borrow enabled) (DX#741)
  • Added dB scaling to Mag Env plots (102213)
  • Fixed Datx multirate file sample rate (102206)
  • Fixed Time Parameter CSV export to use data proper file time stamp (102224)
  • Fixed CSV export errors related to file type (101631)
  • Added optional ability to password protect licensing panel (102284)
  • Added Thermocouple conversion plugin, requires DS recorded data. (102284)
  • Extended signal integration to allow custom scaling with integrated and DC signals (102256)
  • Changed CSV export to be compatible with CSV import (102285)
  • Fixed Y2 axis controls disabling after using Campbell Y2 (102243)
  • Fixed crash when tabulating a History plot (102271)
  • Fixed crash on Time Campbell Y2 click-drag (102281)
  • Added ability to specify ARD (collections) parameters for export (102252,102036)
  • Added ability to specify multiple speeds for Order Peaks CSV output (102266)
  • Added exporting of all parameters to Extended Envelope CSV output (102266)
  • Fixed Order Peaks CSV output to always select highest peak in EO band (102266)

17.9. DX 2019.28.1060

  • Added ability to include Training files with license (102189)
  • Fixed RWX process crash with malformed setup (102179)
  • Fixed #C naming on export (102168)
  • Fixed DP Flag name on export (102183)
  • Fixed Licensing crash on Linux w/multiple users (102159)
  • Fixed USE_SERVER option in Licensing (102150)
  • Fixed issue with exporting CSV from RWX (102186, 102165)
  • Added Token counter to main window, set default token to base (102125)
  • Fixed Permanent license indicator (102125)
  • Fixed Token Manager to show token counts properly over 999 (102125)
  • Fixed missing DX icon on windows (102173)
  • Added ability to export additional peaks as CSV (101528)

17.10. DX 2019.18.758

Large feature and quality of life update.

17.10.1. Fixes / Features

  • Parameter CSV file – fixed units exported and imported (DX#637)
  • Design from file group by units (102056)
  • Enabled Time Campbell frequency slice (101929)
  • Fixed Time/Param Campbell frequency slicing (101929)
  • Fixed memory leak and files being left open (DX#562)
  • Fixed dialogs off screen (102074)
  • Fixed massive matlab file reader memory leak (102069)
  • Fixed .unv crash when using multiple rates (102068)
  • Fixed inoperable Cancel buttons (102067)
  • Fixed stale cursor on Campbell when slicing (DX#639)
  • Fixed Y1/Y2 Axis labeling when using mixed units (101884)
  • Fixed Axis labeling to match designer unit changes (DX#655)
  • Removed ability for changing plot Axis Labels (DX#656)
  • Added ability to use alternate Param CSV time (102063)
  • Added built-in integration conversions, e.g. g->ips (102056)
  • Added ability to change units w/o integration, e.g. meters->inches (102056)
  • Added ability to use “Load” button for signal to select units for integration (102056)
  • Added plot legend for Unit name
  • Removed plot based (freq domain) integration (DX#663)
  • Fixed waterfall trace selection (DX#630)
  • Set FFT Scaling to legend default (DX#662)
  • Made FFT Scaling names consistent (DX#662)
  • Removed custom scaling option for integration (DX#665)
  • Fixed (windows) cursor behavior (DX#667)
  • Added color coding of axis labels based on units (DX#677)
  • Fixed mag and env plots to label PSD properly (DX#669)
  • Updated “Hotkeys” in Designer and Viewer (See Tooltips) (DX#660)
  • Updated designer to prevent non-sense connections between elements (102071)
  • Added units as trace legend option (DX#678)
  • Fixed incorrect overlapping mode assignment (101804)
  • Added ability to load units for integration from signals load button (DX#699)
  • Fixed default plugins to run after filters (101659)
  • Fixed Mag and Mag/Env playback with overlap (101963)
  • Marker now works with XY axis swap (102112)
  • Added indication that 5 tokens are required to run DX (102093)
  • Fixed error message when exporting peaks to .csv (101631)
  • Fixed campbell plot scaling when selecting absolute time (101829)
  • Fixed issue when creating multiple tracking/bode plots (101859)
  • Fixed issue where plot scaling would reset when add a signal to existing plot (DX#679)
  • Fixed issue where campbell z axis slider would disappear (DX#631)
  • Fixed issue where waterfall vs param would not load properly (DX#668)(102109)
  • Removed dark theme due to external library problems. (102026)
  • Fixed incorrect number of columns for external legend. (101869)

17.11. DX 2019.10.651

17.11.1. New Features

  • Added ability to specify Flexera license server port using GUI (102025)
  • Added ability to specify Flexera license server port using ENV variable (102025)

17.11.2. Fixes

  • Parameter math crash fix (101991)

17.12. DX 2019.8.647

17.12.1. New Features

  • Token licensing (101708)
  • Parameter merge (101689)

17.12.2. Fixes

  • Parameter math crash fix (101991)
  • Campbell triple tracking scaling fixes (102000,101999, 101872)
  • Collections renamed to “Auto Response Detection” (101998)
  • BCX export crash fix (101997)
  • BCX sort fix (102009)
  • Waterfall parameter cursor fix (101959)

17.13. DX 2019.5.601

17.13.1. Fixes

  • Playable plot block seek was not seeking to correct block number, some issues still present when seeking .raw files (101963)
  • Dewesoft file reader shared library was missing from install packages (589)
  • Noise element when using multiple noise files was using last noise file (101933)

17.14. DX 2018.49.553

17.14.1. New Features

  • Batch Reporting
  • Plot setup version checking
  • Changed some element icons and names to be more user-friendly
  • ‘Collect only on flagged noise’ option for Collections

17.14.2. Fixes

  • Deleting a very large number of plots sometimes caused a crash on Windows
  • Some hyperlinks in the software were incorrect
  • Sometimes the Crash Handler didn’t appear on Linux
  • Many plot setup items weren’t being saved and/or loaded
  • Sometimes plot setups used signals from the wrong scope or file
  • Sometimes selecting a parameter Campbell after loading a plot setup caused a crash
  • Waterfall plots were slow to be created and sometimes didn’t display correctly
  • Sometimes processing TDMS files caused a crash
  • Sometimes removing Linear Gradient colors caused a crash
  • Disabled some options for ZMod/Order ZMod that don’t apply to those plots
  • Speed Campbell zoom caused shift with regard to the Y2 axis
  • Speed Campbell plot picking did not qork correctly
  • Mag trace on mag+env plots changed when the plot legend was edited
  • Some elements could connect to other elements when it they shouldn’t have been able to
  • Swapping XY axes didn’t work or produced incorrect results on some plots
  • Many of the Bode Plot options were not working correctly
  • Printing some plots to PDF covered the header information
  • Campbell Triple Envelope Plot had the wrong title
  • Bode Plot internal Legend didn’t work
  • Adding a parameter to a time plot caused a crash
  • RAW part files didn’t play DX
  • Changing coupling from DC to AC and reprocessing with an Orbit Plot casued a crash
  • Creating a waterfall from a file that had overlaps caused a crash

17.15. DX 2018.44.364

17.15.1. New Features

  • Orbit Plot
  • Y2 Axis - Time & Magnitude
  • Y2 Axis - History
  • Y2 Axis - Time Campbell
  • Y1 Y2 Legend Indicators
  • Zmod Legend
  • Campbell Block Variables in Markers
  • Custom “Print” File Names & Patterns
  • Campbell Triple Speed Choice
  • Improved Collection Noise Checkbox
  • Change Legend Font Size
  • Help Documentation Online
  • Decimal Precision in Manual Split Ranges
  • History Plot Default Axis Scaling
  • Plot Tabulation Decimal Precision
  • Link Noise File to Data File
  • Append to Noise Definition
  • Campbell Threshold Slider
  • Campbell Auto EO Lines

17.15.2. Fixes

  • Damping Fit curve was sometimes shifted and incorrect
  • Some pks files caused a crash on Windows when processing
  • Some plots used signals from the wrong file if the signal names were the same
  • Noise definition regions were not always displayed correctly
  • Marker size and line color were reset on reprocess
  • Annotations were not always correctly loaded from plot setup
  • Disabling an External Legend and reprocessing caused a crash
  • External Legend was missing contents after reprocess
  • Y2 axis was not always loaded correctly from plot setup
  • Creating a waterfall from a datx_index signal and reprocessing caused crash
  • Custom range scales on Mag+Env plots were reset on reprocess
  • Accel & decel parameters from the same file confused plot setup
  • Filtered & unfiltered signals from the same file confused plot setup
  • Couldn’t scale the y-axis for the Magnitude or Phase independently
  • Changing the order of mode lines wasn’t reflected in saved limits file
  • Peak noise element ribbon didn’t update properly
  • CSV Export tooltip showed incorrect information
  • Custom page labels did not persist after reprocess
  • Damping Fit Legend persisted after damping fit was cleared and reprocessed
  • Some plot types were available when they shouldn’t have been
  • Viewer tree was empty if processed file could no longer be found
  • Zooming on a plot affected picking ability
  • Custom Campbell marker would not apply to all pages
  • Tabulating a Tracking Plot that included a Damping Fit caused a crash
  • Plot setup failed for split files of similar data
  • Grid & EO Collections couldn’t be easily placed on the same plot
  • Accel & Decel noise were not both saved in the noise definition
  • Collections noise wasn’t drawn on Campbell
  • Default Design preference didn’t load design or limits name into status bar
  • Exported scope limits strainratio values were all zeros for the last gage
  • Mulitple noise elements in series didn’t function properly
  • Custom text on marker was lost when cursor was moved
  • Scope element name didn’t show up in legend
  • Speed dependent mode lines on a Campbell moved as speed range was changed
  • Link button didn’t untoggle when hitting Esc key
  • Text was clipped in EO & Grid Collection dialogs

17.16. DX 2018.2.1

17.16.1. Fixes

  • Improved plot persistence and loading/saving plot setups files
    • Fixes for identifying filtered signals and split parameters
    • Added additional parameters including: Min/Max Peak frequency range, peak threshold, number of peaks
    • Additional checks for recreating History plots when reloading
    • NOTE: Older plot setup files will not take advantage of the loading improvements
  • Fixed crash that appeared sometimes when configuring real time plots on reload
  • Fixed issue where limits were marked “*” as editing when they were not
  • Fixed issue where loading a setup or quickplot would use a parameter not in the design
  • Fixed design from file issues with DATX/raw files and unused channels
  • Fixed issues with IRIG decoding in non-APEX file formats
  • Fixed issue with plot titles, all plots titles are now static, adding data to a plot no longer overrides the title
  • Fixed issue when switching between “Time” & “Block” using the shift key on real time plots
  • Changed EO collection settings to allow more than ‘All’ or ‘Maximum Peak’, a number can now be entered
  • Checks added to ensure order resolution is in the range: 0 < resolution <= 1.000, with 3 decimal places
  • Fixed inconsistent reference time (1970/epoch) from DATX files
  • Fixed issue where invalid limits files still loaded
  • Fixed issue with DX creating corrupt limits file
  • Fixed issue with DSPCon Dataflex file loading incorrect sample rate
  • Fixed FlexNet license issue where licenses would check in and out randomly
  • Fixed limited zoom issue on strip chart
  • Fixed issue with non-integer custom EO’s on Campbell plots
  • Campbell plot now shows legend on creation
  • Fixed issue where connecting components would not mark (*) the design as edited
  • Fixed issue where ftol entries in excess of number of modes caused DX to crash
  • Fixed issue where user plot symbol changes were not retained when switching pages/plots
  • Fixed issues with exporting foreign files to RWX/PKX with “parameter from signal”
  • Fixed possible crash when attempting to convert a signal to a parameter using invalid parameter type
  • Fixed issue with manual noise flagging not using ‘Flag All as Noise’ option
  • Added additional open SSL library to Linux packages, to fix some xdg-open issues
  • Parameters added to quick plot signal selection, allows History quickplots to use parameters
  • Quick plots with multiple history plots that are “one channel per page” will now be prompted to select ‘n’ number of statistics
  • Overwriting quick plots now works correctly
  • Improvements made to playing real time plots with overlapped data, or data using filters requiring an overlap
  • Made additional improvements to real time plots when seeking through a file, slider jump back issue fixed
  • Fixed an RM issue where users received error messages when using parameters created from signals as the speed parameter.
  • Fixed an RM issue where it would sometimes fail when the tach ratio was an exact multiple of revs per trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where files exported to the RWX format and containing parameters created from signals would fail to play history plots in DV for those parameters.
  • Additional stability improvements

17.17. DX 2018.2

17.17.1. New Features

  • Waterfall Plot
  • Strip Chart
  • Improved EO collection algorithm
  • Improved collection processing speed
  • Manual noise flagging added
  • Absolute time added to more plots
  • Playback speed is now adjustable
  • Viewer tabulate/export collections added
  • Custom plot trace labels added
  • Ability to add statistics to Campbell markers
  • Improved plot persistence (collections, tables, etc.)
  • Copy/paste tabulation
  • Remove trace added to trace options dialog
  • DEWEsoft format added
  • Added speed dependent limits on Mag+Env plots
  • Default trace colors now customizable
  • Plot trace options cleaned up and improved
  • Recent files menu added to ‘Process’ button
  • Recent files menu added to ‘Assign Limits’ button
  • ‘New Design’ button added
  • Added ability to copy paste from tabulated table
  • Non integer custom EOs now supported in Campbell plots

Note: Internal version number changed, DX may require a new license file

17.17.2. Fixes

  • Fixed RM processing for some file types
  • UFF export improved, ouputs 1 file now
  • MAT export improved, ouputs 1 file now
  • File parameter decoding fixed for floating point files
  • Fixed issues with exporting plot images
  • Improved swapping XY axis on plots
  • Axis min/max spinboxes decimal places fixed
  • Fixed mode line drawing on Campbell plots
  • Fixed plot options ribbon updating
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements
  • Fixed DPFlag export name in designs with a splitter
  • Improved quickplot axis scaling and linking
  • Fixed split report in the validation report
  • Fixed crash when dragging invalid large files onto the canvas
  • Fixed Windows issue with element badges not updating after change
  • Fixed issues with disabling or not having scopes while exporting files
  • Fixed plot axis ribbon changing issues
  • Fixed collection table column persistance
  • Fixed issue with exporting parameter subsets to rwx pkx files
  • Fixed quick plot reference parameter issues
  • Fixed issue with saving and loading designs with custom axes/title font sizes
  • Fixed UI issue with quickplots gallery on some resolution screens
  • Design badge and label update issues on windows resolved
  • Fixed zoom reset inconsistencies in Campbell plots

17.18. DX 2017.3.2

  • Fixed issue splitting files that have been reblocked
  • Fixed Campbell/zmod peak block number offset

17.19. DX 2017.3.1

  • Fixed issue replaying (magnitude, time) for some reblocked datafiles.
  • Fixed issue where you could not save modified limits on plots created from a quick plot
  • Fixed permissions issues when assigning limits under some conditions in Windows
  • Fixed issue where a signal when converted to a parameter was then not available as a signal in the viewer
  • Fixed issue with ‘Apply to all plots’ after using a quickplot the first time
  • Fix for additional legend text on History plots (scope component name etc.)
  • Fixed non-integral EO collection algorithm, also allow user to set 0 integral peaks to collect
  • Added missing options for Ordered Peaks CSV export
  • Fixed 1xInt, 2xInt & Diff coefficient processing for signals
  • Some signal history statistics have been renamed, “Peak” = “0-Pk”, “Pk2Pk” = “P2P”, and “HalfP2P” = “sa-Pk”

17.20. DX 2017.3

17.20.1. New Features

  • Added Order Processing (DX-RM)
    • Components * REV breaks file into 1/rev packets * COT (Computed Order Track) * DOT (Discrete Order Track)
    • Plots * Order ZMod - ZMod plot with order on the y-axis
  • Improved the Engine Order collection
  • Renamed the column variables when writing a binary collection .bcx file
  • We always write the column names when saving a collection (even in the merged file)
  • Added a sensor health sheet feature
  • Dynamically adjust mode lines on Campbell plots and save/as the altered limits file
  • NIV/IV filters - flag non-integral or integral peaks, respectively, as noise
  • Added capability to export plot images in the viewer
  • Plot setups can now be saved and reloaded in the viewer
  • Peak element frequency range added
  • History plots time axis can be changed to absolute time in the plot options

17.21. DX 2017.2

17.21.1. New Features

  • Manual and event based file splitting added to split element
  • New spectrum statistic - FFT Overall
  • New Plot: Bode Plot
  • Damping estimates for single traces on Envelope, History, and Tracking plots
  • Exported collections can be concatenated to the same collection file
  • All exported files are saved in the specified export directory (without sub-directories)
  • Validation report is automatically exported whenever anything else is exported
  • Ability to order track vs any parameter added to Tracking Plots
  • Improved support for Hi-Res monitors
  • Simple text plot annotations added to all plot types

17.22. DX 2017-Q1

17.22.1. New Features

  • Improved validation process and resulting validation report.
  • Added Parameter Math element, which allows for applying basic math functions to parameter data.
  • Added the Half Power Filter and Saturation Filter to the digital filtering element.
  • Support added for third-party data formats via plugins.
  • Binary export feature added to collection exporter.
  • First run quick design and default design preferences added.
  • One click tabulate all pages feature added to the viewer.
  • Ability to disable elements on the design added.

17.23. DX 2016-Q4

17.23.1. New requirements

  • all designs must now include a “Parameters” or “Parameters*” element. Designs created in previous versions are automatically updated to include all parameters.
  • Only one FFT element can be connected to a Scope.

17.23.2. Overall Updates

  • Layout

    • updated ribbon design
    • redesigned window layout
    • removed modes (Designer, Viewer, Export) along the left side of the window. Switching between Designer and Viewer is now handled by two buttons in the upper right corner of the screen and exporting was move to a new set of elements.
    • Designer and Viewer can now be undocked and Help is in its own window
  • Features

    • the user can now modify the FFT size when processing with multi-sample-rate files

    • added a preferences dialog to view/change program-wide options

    • two versions

      • PRO which includes the following features

        • the user can select multiple files to process with the same design - all processed output is available in the viewer
        • various collection options
        • multiple export options
        • ability to automatically split input files into accel/decel sections
      • Basic

        • the user can add a single export element to a design

17.23.3. Designer updates

  • New features

    • the user can now create Quick Designs
    • the user can zoom and pan designs - there is also a new navigation map in the upper right of the Designer window to show you where you are in a design
  • New elements

    • parameter - parameters, parameters*
    • export - raw, pkx, csv, and collections
    • collection - grid, EO, and largest peak
    • filter - digital and peak
    • auto split

17.23.4. Viewer updates

  • New features

    • plot linking
    • the user can now create Quick Plots
    • peaks identified in collections can be highlighted in Campbell and Envelope plots
    • the tree on the left side where you select which channels to plot can be filtered to only show certain items
    • General, Axis, Trace options can be changed from the ribbon.
  • Feature updates

    • the tracking plot interface has been re-designed
    • the tree on the left side where you select which channels to plot has been re-organize by file (multiple input files) and collection output has been added. Additionally items are sorted by Scope name, channel indices, and statistic ids.
    • the user can now define a page layout using a standard grid button
    • typically accessed plot settings can now be changed in the ribbon
    • the user can choose to apply plot option changes to the selected plot, all similar plots on the same page, or all pages
  • New plots

    • collection table

17.24. DX 1.0 DX 2016-Q2

  • Initial Release